Ready, Set, Go (On Vacation)!

The Maintenance Your Car Needs Before Your Family Trip

Last week’s blog covered some basic safety tips that you need to be aware of before hitting the road on a trip. Those tips can help keep you safe, but do you know what you need to do to help keep your car going strong while on a long trip? There is some maintenance and other items you’ll need to get your car ready for your vacation.

    1. Warning Signs: Before you leave on your trip, pay attention to what your car is “telling” you. While driving to work, take note of any vibrations, noises, or other irregularities. If your engine knocks while going over a speed bump or if your car pulls to one side, those are also items you need to have checked out.
    2. Under the Hood: It’s always best to take your vehicle to an experienced auto shop to ensure everything is fine. Make sure you get an oil change and have all of your vehicle’s fluid levels checked, such as the transmission fluid and anti-freeze/coolant. Be sure the air filter and battery are checked, too.
    3. Wheels: You’ll want to check everything, such as tires’ treads and pressure (this includes the spare). You never want to travel with bald tires and bad tire pressure can lead to other problems and negatively impact your gas mileage. Have the brakes checked, even if they’re not squeaking you can have serious problems and damage you’re unaware of.
    4. Everything Else: Small things that you may not think of can lead to serious safety issues. Check everything from your windshield wipers to your head and taillights. Replace worn out wipers and burned out lights to ensure proper safety. Also, if you’re having trouble with you air conditioner or heater, it’s always best to get them checked before a long trip, too.

All of these aspects of your vehicle need to be checked to ensure that you won’t run into any problems that could have been avoided before leaving on your vacation.

Vacations are meant to be fun and nothing can ruin one faster than vehicle trouble. By following these tips and keeping up with your vehicle’s regular maintenance, you can avoid many common long trip problems.