What a “Preferred Repair Shop” Really Means

If you’ve ever filed a claim with your insurance company, you know that having your car repaired after an accident isn’t always as simple as just bringing it into the shop. Insurance companies are interested in minimizing repair costs and reducing the time a car is out of commission, and they’ve developed protocols that will aid in that process.

One of the ways insurance companies try to streamline the repair process is by using “preferred” or “direct” repair programs, or partnerships with specific body shops.

The Estimate Process

If you take your vehicle to a preferred repair shop, there is usually no need for an additional estimate – you just bring in the vehicle and the body shop is authorized to begin repairs. If you use a different shop, the insurance company will want to complete an estimate before repairs begin.

Depending on the situation, this estimate might be completed by the body shop itself, or an adjuster from the insurance company might want to take a look. If the car can be safely driven, the adjuster will usually want you to bring the car to him rather than having him come to your home to take a look.

In any case, once the insurance estimate has been written, you can bring that to the shop of your choice and most body shops will honor the original estimate. If more damages are found during the repairs that aren’t listed on the insurance company’s estimate, the body shop and the insurance company will sort out the difference with supplemental estimates.

You Don’t Have to Use the Shop They Recommend

Quanz Auto Body is a Direct Repair Program (DRP) for many major insurance companies, including USAA, Liberty Mutual and Nationwide. But we will provide the same quality of repairs for any vehicle, regardless of what insurance company you use. Just because we’re not a DRP for a company doesn’t mean our repairs drop in quality!

So if your insurance company recommends a different body shop, you do not have to take that recommendation. You’re totally free to use a shop that you know and trust. And if that shop happens to be Quanz, our team will work with you and your insurance company to make the process go as smoothly as possible!