Preparing your Vehicle for Summer Heat

Summer can be brutal on car engines. Your engine already produces heat, and being baked in the sun doesn’t do it any favors. For optimal engine health in the intense summer heat, take these preventative steps:

Flush the Radiator

A radiator flush drains all the coolant—and any debris that may have collected over the miles—from your system. Refilling the system with clean coolant ensures the radiator can properly regulate engine temperature. (A radiator flush is often included in your manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. Check your owner’s manual or call us to find out when your vehicle is due for this service.)

Check for Coolant Leaks

Leaks, even little ones, can increase the chances of engine overheating. Check the radiator, the coolant tank and all of the connecting hoses and caps for leaks. (One way to look for leaks is to look for drips or pools of liquid under the front of your car.) If you spot or suspect leaks, get your car to the ASE-certified mechanics at Quanz for a repair estimate.

Summer Cabin Preparations

Radiator flushes and coolant leak checks will help keep your engine cool, but what about you? Check your AC to make sure it works. If your car’s cabin does not cool down within minutes of turning on the AC, you may have a refrigerant leak or other problem with the system. While cabin AC issues do not affect drivability, and do not pose a safety hazard, they will make you miserable, so it’s best to get everything checked and fixed before the really hot temperatures set in.