How to Prevent your Car from Overheating this Summer

July means summertime in Albuquerque and that also means blazing hot temperatures. Hot weather can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle if it is not properly maintained. Quanz Auto Body has seen the damage caused by hot weather. Below are some tips to help you keep your car safe from the engine overheating this summer.


Ten Tips to Prevent an Overheating Engine

Your car engine can be sensitive to extreme temperatures, cold and hot. To keep it moving this summer and prevent overheating, try the following tips:

1. Replace your Battery – If your battery is 3 years old, consider getting a new one for preventative maintenance.

2. Check your Coolant – Bring your car to use to check the cooling system of your vehicle. This is system is vital for keeping the engine cool and the AC system working properly.

3. Check your Radiator – Make sure you radiator has plenty of fluid (not just water) and is not corroding. Our experts can do this for you and more.

4. Watch your Temperature Gauge – If you notice your temperature gauge is getting close to the “H”, pull over and turn off your car to allow the engine to cool. Especially on extra hot days.

5. Check your Oil Pressure – If you have little to no oil pressure, your engine could suffer. We can check and change your oil if needed.

6. Get a Tune-up – A car tune-up will make sure that all of your hoses, fluids, belts, tires and anything in between are in good working order.

7. Check your Vehicle’s Weight Limits – overloading your truck or car causes your engine to have to work more which can cause damage. Always check the weight limits set by the manufacturer.

8. Check the BrakesBrake calipers and pads, as well as other brake components, stick a lot. This can happen because of a change in temperature. When they get stuck on the wheel, it slows the car, causing the engine to work more and build extra heat.

9. Check the Water Pump – This is part of the vehicle’s cooling system and is vital to helping circulate the flow of cool air across the engine.

10. Visit Quanz Auto Body – We have been doing business for over 30 years and can help you maintain your vehicle for the summer so you never have to worry about the engine overheating.

An overheating engine can be detrimental to a vehicle, but by keeping up with your vehicle maintenance, you can prevent it from happening. If you already know that your vehicle is prone to overheating in the summer, bring it by our Westside location and let our expert technicians take a look. We will assess your vehicle to quickly determine the culprit and provide a repair to get you safely back on the road in no time.