Whose Responsibility is to Prevent Distractions Behind the Wheel?

As we continue to observe National Impaired Driving Prevention month, we’ve thought about the ways distracted driving impacts so many lives and how it has prompted both personal and public response. With many cities across the country enacting cell phone bans while driving, like Albuquerque, we have to wonder, whose responsibility is it to prevent distractions behind the wheel?

The Problem

According to Distraction.gov, nearly 4,000 people were killed in distracted driver accidents while an additional 416,000 were injured in 2010 alone. These types of accidents accounted for 18% of auto accidents that resulted in injury during the same year.

The Public Response

Since distracted driving accidents are completely preventable, we understand why legislation has been enacted to reduce the number of distractions drivers have while behind the wheel. In fact, 34 states have enacted some sort of legislation regarding distracted driving. But it remains to be seen if such legislation actually makes our roads safer.

The Personal Response

While many organizations such as Focus Driven have cropped up as a result of distracted driving accidents, we believe more needs to be done to inform people of the dangers of driving while distracted so they can make the choice to adjust their driving behavior. Too many people are unaware that using a cell phone while driving has been shown to impair driving in the same way driving legally drunk does.

We believe there is a need for legislation in this matter, but we believe there is an even greater need for driver’s to take more personal responsibility for their actions—and understand the potential impact of their driving behavior.

As a locally owned, family business in Albuquerque, we are committed to helping our community thrive. It is our desire to bring more awareness to the dangers of distracted driving so that our friends and neighbors and family will be as safe as possible on our roadways. We encourage you to become informed drivers and make the choice to drive distraction-free.