How to Prevent Paint Discoloration and Fading

Thanks to New Mexico’s intense sunshine, everywhere youlook, you’re bound to see cars with flaking, fading spots (usually on the roofand hood). While you may think, “Thank goodness that’s not my car,” your carisn’t immune to discoloration and fading. However, there are measures you cantake to prevent paint discoloration and fading, so your car continues to looknew(er).

What Causes Discoloration and Fading

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are the number one reason yourcar’s paint fades and discolors. Continuous exposure to UV breaks down thecompounds in your car’s clear coat that protect the underlying paint. Once theprotective coat is compromised, the paint itself deteriorates. Pigments arebroken down, resulting in fading and discoloration.

However, UV isn’t the only culprit. Clear coat damagethat leads to discoloration and fading may also be caused by:

  • Pollution
  • Abrasion (scratches)
  • Salt
  • Bird droppings
  • Harsh cleaners not intended for use on cars

And, of course, there’s always air and water—theinstigators of corrosion.

How to Prevent Paint Discoloration and Fading

There are several easy ways you can help protectyour car’s paint:

  • Park out of direct sunlight (preferably undercover of something other than a sap-dripping tree)
  • Remove corrosive chemicals, debris and otherabrasive buildup by carefully washing your car every three months
  • Use only cleaners formulated for car paint whenwashing your car
  • Apply wax or sealant to bulk up your vehicle’sUV resistance

We’re not kidding. That’s all it takes.

What to Do if You Already See Discoloration and Fading

If you already see your paint starting to fade, don’tpanic. Quanz Auto Care may be able to restore the luster of your car’spaint with buffing to remove surface damage and hi-tech sealants to restoremoisture and shine.Evenif your vehicle does need more involved paint restoration, our I-CAR GoldClass-certified technicians have the skills it takes to restore your car to itsnew-from-the-factory beauty. Contactus for a free estimate for paint restoration.