How to Protect your Car in Hot Weather

Albuquerque summers are very hot and dry. Summer weather conditions can sometimes wreak havoc on vehicles. With these tips from Quanz Auto Body, your car can be protected from the harsh elements this summer.


Tips to Protect Your Car

Your car has been running and/or sitting in high temperatures that can cause damage to batteries, tires and cooling systems. Tips to protect your vehicle include:

  • Have the electrical system checked out by an expert mechanic to make sure it is charging at the correct rate. Some car batteries need to have their fluids topped off and should be checked frequently throughout hot seasons.
  • Keep your car battery clean of dirt. Albuquerque weather can get a little windy as spring transitions into summer. Keep the top of your vehicle battery clear of dirt (which acts as a conductor) to prevent the battery power from being drained. Once corrosion accumulates on your battery terminals, it becomes an insulator and inhibits the current flow.
  • Have your coolant fluid changed annually. This keeps the cooling system fresh and clean inside, preventing corrosion and assuring protection. In addition to having this checked, a pressure test, thermostat test, cooling fan test and visual inspection for leaks and corrosion should also occur annually.
  • Keep the vehicle radiator clean. By keeping this clean, you prevent corrosion.
  • Warm weather can add stress to car tires. Have the tire condition and pressure checked monthly and have the tires rotated every 6,000 miles to maintain their quality.


Preventative car maintenance will protect your vehicle no matter what the weather is like. If you regularly maintain your car and have it inspected periodically, you will save money in the long run. Contact our experts today and get your car inspected before the weather gets any warmer.