How to Protect Your Car’s New Paint after Collision Repair

Auto body collision repair is never anyone’s first choice for exterior vehicle enhancement. But, if you’ve recently been in an accident and had auto body work done, then your car may look in (almost) new condition. So how do you keep it that way?
To maintain the integrity and luster of new paint applied during the collision repair process, here’s what we suggest…

Don’t Create an Unnecessary Research Project

Here’s a fun experiment: type “car paint protection” into Google and see what you get. We got more than five million results, including some really unhelpful ones like just about everything on the first page about paint protection films.

The point? To find out how to best take care of your car’s new paint job, just ask the experts. The auto collision technicians at Quanz Auto Body are I-CAR Gold Class certified, so they know what products to use (or not use) and when to keep your top coat intact and paint vibrant for a lasting attractive exterior.

Seriously, it’s that simple.

But we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t tell you up front that to protect your car’s beautifully restored exterior, you should:

Wash Your Car the Right Way

And the right way includes:

  • Detergent formulated for car washing—not dish detergent…we repeat, NOT dish detergent!
  • Two buckets—one for washing, one for rinsing your mitt or sponge to remove particulate that can scratch your car’s paint.
  • Clay bar to remove the embedded or hopelessly stuck gunk that soap, water and mitts or sponge can’t unstick.

The right way to wash your car also involves a right time and temperature—above 40° and not in direct sunlight and/or during the hottest part of the day because accelerated evaporation leads to spots.

Routinely Apply Protection

Protection may involve a sealant, wax or both. This is where getting recommendations from our collision repair techs is really helpful because it will save you a lot of time once you’re in the wax/sealant section of your local auto care store.

Inspect Your Vehicle Frequently

There is simply no substitute for vigilantly looking for chips, scratches and contaminants that can eat through your clear coat and/or paint (like bird droppings, bug guts, coffee and soda spills, etc.). When you find any imperfections, apply proactive protection, which may include:

  • Contaminant remove (refer back to “Wash Your Car the Right Way”)
  • Thoroughly drying the area
  • Color-match touch-up
  • Clear coat
  • Sealant

What you actually need will depend on the reason for the chip, scratch or mar. Google may be a good resource if you have an identifiable paint damager. If you’re not up for online research or you don’t know what caused the damage, ask the pros at Quanz.

Have you gotten the moral of the collision repair story? For best results, bring your car to Quanz Auto Body. To maintain the aesthetic appeal of those results, ask the Quanz Auto Body experts. We’re here for you long after your auto body repairs are complete.