Quanz Family History

Many of our loyal customers know that quality automotive care has been a Quanz family tradition since 1980 when our dad first started business out of the two-car garage behind our childhood home. But there’s more to the story, and we’d like to observe National Family History Month by telling it to you. Grab your cup of coffee, settle down in your chair and learn more about who works under your car’s hood.

It All Began…

The Quanz family is of Germany origin. Political unrest or persecution weren’t the impetus for members of the Quanz family to emigrate; it was the promise of a better life in the New World that beckoned them.

There were actually several families with the surname Quanz that left Germany and ended up in America in the 1860s. We probably have distant relatives in Canada and fourth cousins once removed in New Jersey, but our ancestors settled in New York…and that’s where the Quanz family of the Albuquerque Westside originated.

Transcontinental Transplant

For about a century, the Quanz family lived, worked and grew in the Long Island neighborhoods. But land in New Mexico was being sold at a good price to New Yorkers to draw them to the Land of Enchantment. The dry climate was ideal for our father who had severe asthma as a kid. So, around 1969, our dad, his four sisters, two parents, one brother and the family dog Pom Pom hit the road to make the cross-country journey to their new desert home. It took them seven days to make the trek with everything they owned packed into a 1964 Ford station wagon and homemade trailer.

In New York, our grandfather owned a paint and body shop and had a used car lot—he did anything to provide for his family. He continued the same work once the family settled into Albuquerque, but he also opened a small paint and body shop in the south valley. Our dad would work there after school learning the trade. This is where he and our grandfather would get into stock car racing.

Our grandfather passed away in 1974, but Dad decided to continue in this trade. He learned how to repair a car properly—the old fashioned way. He learned the collision repair and mechanical business and stayed in it.

In the early days of his automotive career, Dad worked out of his two-car garage. In 1980 when he met our mom, they got married and started Quanz Motor Car Co. In 1982, when Alameda was still a two-lane road, he bought the Fina gas station where he did mechanical repairs and collision repairs and sold gas. By 1992, Quanz Motor Car Co. had added on to the building seven times and had 15 employees.

Urban development required Alameda Blvd. to be widened into four lanes; the State of New Mexico needed the land Quanz Motor Car Co. was on, so they had to move. Prayers and faith in Jesus’ guidance led them to their present location on Eagle Ranch Road, even though at the time, there was nothing there but a lot of sand and dirt roads.

And Here We Are Today

Success comes when you let the Lord Jesus guide you. With God’s promise of prosperity, we opened the doors of our new location in 1993 under the new name Quanz Advanced Auto Body. The very first year business doubled, and it continues to grow. Now, we have about 50 people working here, though they’re more like family than employees. Some of our crew have been part of the Quanz extended family for 10, 15 or 20 years…we even have three people who’ve been working with us for 27 years! We are truly blessed!

In 2007, we expanded again to make room for the next generation of Quanzes: Adam, Andrew and Daniel. Adam (the oldest) is running the body shop. Andrew’s in the parts department, and Daniel (the youngest) is being groomed to run the service department when Chad decides to retire. Dad still comes by the shop to see us and talk to our extended family.

Come by and see us. We’re one Westside ABQ family happy to help yours with all your automotive service needs!