Cars: A Quanz Family Tradition

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and amidst the rush to find the perfect tie, there are at least a few moments to reflect on all thing things dad has given you over the years. For us—Adam, Daniel and Chad—it’s been a love of cars.

How It All Began

The Quanz family affair with automobiles and the business that grew from that passion must be genetic—it’s already been passed along to three generations. To the best of our recollection, it all began with our grandpa.

Back when Rio Rancho was barely a speck on the New Mexico map, our grandpa owned a garage in the South Valley. The garage was partly professional—doing tune-ups and engine work for paying customers. But it was also partly hobby, a place where grandpa worked on his own race cars—building engines, tweaking the body, that kind of thing.

Dad started to work in grandpa’s shop, mostly on the racing stuff, when he was about 15. But as he started to know his way around the shop, grandpa started trusting him with his customers’ work, too. In 1981, Dad branched out on his own, opening Quanz Advanced Auto Body as you know it. In 1993, he opened the current 2-shop facility on Eagle Ranch Road.

How Tradition Lives On

At various times along the way, we came into the picture. And just like Dad with grandpa, we started tinkering around in the garage. We studied other things and tried to leave cars behind, but wouldn’t you know it, here we are: active in the family business, carrying on the family tradition.

We are proud to be a family-owned business that has been providing quality auto collision repair and maintenance service to the Rio Rancho/Westside Albuquerque community for over 31 years. Thank you for helping us extend and expand our tradition! And thank you, Dad, for passing on your love of cars and commitment to quality craftsmanship!