3 Reasons Why You Should Keep up with Your Vehicle’s Maintenance

To many car owners, car maintenance is nothing more than putting in gas and getting regular oil changes. But, if you’ve ever flipped to the pages outlining the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual or read the list on the 15- or 29-point maintenance checklists at quick-lube shops, you’ll know there’s a lot more that can be done….and here’s why you should get it done:

Increased Safety & Security

Safe vehicle operations are often dependent on the vehicle’s condition. For instance:

  • You need healthy brake pads, rotors and fluid lines (filled with fluid, of course) to stop on a dime
  • You need to see to avoid road hazards and prevent accidents, so you need working headlights and an intact windshield
  • You need other vehicles and pedestrians to see you and anticipate your movements, so you need working signal lights

Routine maintenance checks should include making sure all lights—inside and out—function and that brakes and steering functions are responsive.

Extended Useful Life of Your Vehicle

The primary purpose of car maintenance is to increase its lifespan. Regular checkups ensure that worn parts are replaced in a timely manner to prevent more extensive and expensive repairs down the road. And, as an added bonus, a well-maintained car retains its value, so you can get more when you trade it in or sell it.

Increased Performance and Fuel Economy

A well-maintained vehicle performs better (as in, it reliably starts, responds to driver controls, etc.) and maintains optimal fuel efficiency, saving you money every time you need to fill up.

If you’re not sure what maintenance has been done on your vehicle or what maintenance is recommended next, you can consult your owner’s manual…or you could call Quanz Auto Body. We can look up your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended schedule and get you into our shop when it’s convenient for you.