The Advantages of a Remote Car Starter

Remote car starter

It’s already hard to get out of bed on cold winter mornings. It’s even harder when you know that out the door a cold car awaits…or even worse, a cold car that needs frost, snow or ice removed. A remote car starter could make for some easier mornings.

What Does a Remote Car Starter Do?

What a remote car starter does is in the name—it starts your car from a distance. But here’s where the advantage starts—it does it without your keys!

Advantages of a Remote Car Starter

The advantages of a remote car starter, especially during winter, are pretty obvious:

Increased comfort

Your car engine warms up while you wait in the comfort of your home. That means when you finally get in your car, the heater is ready to blow out warm air instead of blasting you in the face with more chill.

Reduced Risk of Theft

Because a remote starter is keyless, your car remains secure. Many car models will not allow you to lock the car with the key in the ignition (a helpful measure to prevent locking your keys in the car), so if you warm it up the old-fashioned way, your car is a target for car thieves.

Easy of Weather Removal

If you left your defrost on when you got out of your car (a good habit to get into), it’ll be on when you remotely start your car. That makes removing frost, snow or ice much easier. You may not even need your scraper at all! Thin coats of wintery stuff can just be cleared with your windshield wipers.

By making clearing your windows easier, a remote starter may actually increase your visibility and driving safety, too. (Have you ever seen cars with tiny holes just big enough for the driver to see out of? Yeah, that’s an accident waiting to happen.)

If you’re tired of cold mornings scraping off your car, come to Quanz Auto Body for remote starter installation. Contact us for information and to schedule service.