Don’t Wait ‘til Spring to Repair Winter Collision Damage

accidentWinter driving conditions increase the risk of car accidents. If you are involved in a crash, you may be tempted to put repairs off until spring, especially if your car is drivable and looks okay…don’t. To prevent further damage, you need to get repairs done right way.

Rust Happens

Auto accidents, even minor ones, damage the protective layer on your car’s surface. Chips, scratches and bigger areas of missing paint and sealant leave the body of the car exposed to the elements…and winter elements involve air, moisture and sometimes salt—all of which promote oxidation, or rust.

When you put off collision repairs, you allow more time for rust to develop. Even a little bit of rust can compromise a part’s integrity (or ability to hold paint), so the entire panel may need to be replaced—and that makes repairs must more expensive.

Repairs Done Fast, Repairs Done Right

Quanz Auto Body provides quality collision/auto body repairs, plus we work with nearly all insurance carriers to get your repairs covered. We have locations on the east and west sides of Albuquerque to better serve you. All our work is covered under our 12-month warranty.