Top 3 Auto Body Repair Concerns after an Accident

Even if your car looks okay after an accident, you need to get your car to Quanz Auto Body ASAP. Some damage may be hidden and/or lead to future (more expensive) damage. When you bring your car to us, here are the top three things we look for:

#1: Drivability

After some collisions, assessing drivability is a no-brainer. If axles are bent or your car just won’t start, it’s not drivable. However, there are times when your car functions but it is not safe to drive, such as:

  • Wheel alignment is noticeably off
  • Headlights are damaged
  • Turn signals do not work
  • Brake lines are damaged

These issues pose a serious safety hazard for you, your passengers and others on the road. If we find any of these issues, we will recommend you find another ride. (We have car rental on-site to make that easy.)

#2: Frame

Minor frame damage may not be visible with the naked eye, but we have sophisticated alignment equipment to measure frame alignment. We can tell if it differs by thousandths of an inch from manufacturer specifications. If it does, continuing to drive it can cause a lot of damage to the alignment, and possibly to the securement of the powertrain. Left unchecked, you set yourself up for major (expensive) repairs down the road.

#3: Paint

Small chips or scratches may seem like damage that can be ignored, but leaving your car’s exterior coat untreated leaves your panels vulnerable to corrosion and sun damage. At Quanz, we can often seal paint and coating damage without needing to repaint. If auto body repair does require a new paint job, we have superior color-matching technology and environmentally friendly waterborne paints that leave a seamless finish.

In the event you need auto body repair, we always provide free estimates, and we are a preferred repair shop for several auto insurance companies.