3 Reasons You Should Repair Dents ASAP

There are a great many fender benders that never get reported and vehicles never taken to the shop because they do not affect drivability. Many of them are in places you don’t often look on your car, so they may be out of sight, out of mind. But leaving dent repair for later could cost you. The I-CAR Gold Class technicians at Quanz Auto Body recommend getting dents repaired ASAP because:

#1: Early Repairs Are Cheaper Repairs

Pulling out a new dent and doing a little touch-up that requires next to no prep are, by far, less expensive than pulling an old dent plus the preparation required to remove peeling, flaking paint and/or rust. Plus, if your vehicle requires that much preparation, likely the area that needs “touching up” is much larger.

Fast dent repair is much like routine mechanical maintenance—the earlier you get your vehicle seen by the experts at Quanz, the more cost-effectively we can restore your vehicle’s exterior.

#2: Prevent Rust and Preserve Resale Value

Any auto body technician will tell you that you want to prevent rust, but that’s not just because rust is an eyesore. Rust is a like rot to your body panels. Rust is the result of metal corrosion, which leaves the affected area weak and brittle. Rusted panels provide little to no protection against the elements or impact.

Generally, rust cannot just be sanded away and painted over. Rust repair entails restoring the metal body panels, and that’s a time-consuming process (and “time-consuming” translates to “expensive”). If you do not have the budget to get rust repairs done, then your vehicle’s resale value plummets.

#3: Identify Possible Safety Issues

Sometimes, what may look like a small dent is really just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Plastic panels may show little damage, masking more severe damage to the structural components beneath. The hidden damage could actually affect your vehicle’s steering and handling and/or impact protection, increasing safety risks for you and your passengers every time you hit the road.

The only way to know if a dent is just a dent or if it is hiding something bigger is to have your vehicle inspected by an auto body professional.

Quanz Auto Body makes it easy to get the dent repair you need. We offer convenient appointments, shuttle service, on-site car rental and insurance claims assistance. We do everything we can to make your collision repair experience better.