It Was Just Minor Collision Damage…Why Is Repair Taking So Long?

After any collision that requires auto body repair, you know to expect your car’s going to be out of commission for at least a couple days…more for more serious damage. What takes “so long”? Here’s a peak at the process…it’ll help you understand why auto body repair can’t, isn’t and shouldn’t be done “lickety split.”

The Collision Repair Process Part 1: Before Your Car Even Goes in the Shop

Collision repair is expensive, and it’s typically not something anyone budgets for. That’s why you have insurance. But before your insurance will agree to cover repairs, they want to know what repairs are necessary.

For most auto body shops, you have to have a claims adjuster inspect your car and generate a claim, then have your auto body mechanics do, essentially, the same thing. At Quanz, we can at least roll this into one step. We are a preferred repair provider for seven major insurance carriers. That means our inspection and estimate are used instead of a separate assessment from a “company man.” This helps speed up the repair process because your car’s already here, we communicate directly with your insurance company, and as soon as we get the green light, we order parts and start the work.

The Collision Repair Process Part 2: Tear Down…Houston, We Have a Problem

No matter who’s doing the initial estimate, it’s based on a visual inspection. To do the repair work, we actually get into the car—take off panels, remove bumpers, etc. In the course of disassembly, we often find damage that was not visible before. More damage repairs mean more costs, so your insurance claim needs to be adjusted. Again, we handle that part, but waiting for approval can still tack on a bit of time.

The Collision Repair Process Part 3: Now We’re Getting Somewhere

With all damage identified, all repair costs approved for coverage and all parts ordered, our I-CAR Gold Class-certified auto body technicians really get to work. We do whatever it takes to restore your car to pre-crash condition (or better, in many cases). And this part takes as long as it takes. We don’t rush to ensure that we perform top-quality work (after all, we’re backing it with our lifetime warranty.

At Quanz, we understand that any time without your car is too long. We do everything we can to ease the hassle. We provide you with accurate estimates for repair timelines and keep you in the loop about any snags along the way. But, we promise the wait will be worth it.