Want to Repair Your Winter Damage Before Summer Starts?

Winter weather can be rough on a car.

You might have picked up a few dents and scratches from driving in the snow. Maybe you scraped something that was obscured by snow, or the sand and slush scratched up the bottom of your doors. The dry winter air isn’t always kind to paint, either.


No matter what happened over the winter, now you might be looking at a car that’s looking a little worse-for-wear. Instead of letting the summer sun show off all those dents and dings, freshen up your car’s appearance with some cosmetic repairs!

Paintless Dent Repairs

If you have a small dent on your car, it may be a good candidate for paintless dent repair. This allows an experienced technician to pop out a dent with specialized tools, restoring your car’s appearance without damaging the paint or needing to take apart the vehicle.

Quanz Auto Body handles paintless dent repair for dings of all sorts, including car doors, shopping carts, hail dents and other similar cosmetic blemishes.


Did your paint get scratched during the winter? We can also help you restore your car’s appearance.

Many shallow scratches are actually in the vehicle’s clear coat, making them very easy to buffy out. Larger, deeper scratches and scrapes might require a bit of touch-up paint and some blending.

Simple repairs for dents, dings and scratches are fast and easy. Instead of letting your car look worn down from all that winter damage, bring it in to Quanz Auto Body and let us get you looking just like new!