Repairing the Dents and Scratches from Your Summer Vacation

Your vehicle is your gateway to summer fun, unlocking the road to famous amusement parks or summer camping trips. While chauffeuring you and your family around the country, however, your car may suffer a number of scratches, dents and other minor wounds.


Hazards on a Long Road Trip

The open road is full of hazards that can cause minor damage to your car, including rocks, shredded bits of tires and other road debris. Summer is also a common time for road construction, exposing your car to uneven roads and loose gravel. At freeway speeds, these hazards can easily give your paint a minor scratch or your windshield a chip.

Camping Trip Mishaps

Camping out anywhere rougher than your backyard can easily inflict a number of minor scratches on your vehicle. Along forest roads, many roadside bushes have overgrown branches that can scratch up your paint. Even after you leave the road, however, tree sap can accumulate on your car. If not removed immediately, tree sap can be stubborn, bonding with your car and potentially damaging your paint if the sap isn’t removed carefully.

Parking Lot Adventures

A summer trip to a major amusement park is a time-honored tradition. However, you won’t feel amused when one of your fellow drivers bumps into your car in a busy parking lot. Even being parked is no guarantee that your car will be safe from damage, as harried drivers can carelessly open their car doors too fast, denting or scratching your car.

Why Immediate Repair is a Smart Idea

Your car’s paint isn’t just cosmetic; it also protects your frame from the elements. Without its protective coating, your car’s frame may begin to rust. Even small scratches can allow rust to set in and may cause more of your paint to begin to peel.

If your car has sustained damage – even small dents and scratches – over the summer, bring it to Quanz Auto Body! We can help touch up paint, provide paintless dent removal, handle damaged windshields and more to keep your car in top shape for the fall!