Why is Routine Maintenance Important?

There’s an old saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When it comes to auto care, that’s certainly true. Vehicles are complex machines with many moving parts, creating multiple opportunities for things to go wrong. And when things go wrong unexpectedly, they can often cause a lot of damage — resulting in repairs that are much more expensive than the preventative maintenance costs.


That’s why Quanz Auto Body provides routine maintenance, and why we encourage our customers to develop a car health routine.

Routine Maintenance and Preventative Care Checklist

To keep your car in regular working order, there are a few components that should be checked or replaced at regular intervals, including:

— Air and oil filters

— Fluid levels (antifreeze, power steering, oil, transmission, etc)

— Batteries

— Brakes, shock absorbers and tires

— Belts and hoses

These are all small issues to check and replace, but they can cause major problems if they fail.

For example, an oil change is inexpensive — it’ll cost you less to have your oil professionally changed than it would to go out for dinner. But driving with low oil levels can destroy your engine. Similarly, replacing a worn serpentine belt before it snaps is always preferable to risking having it break while you’re driving, potentially causing an accident.

Let Us Help You With Your Preventative Care

If you’re not sure what a good routine maintenance schedule is for your car, bring it in to Quanz Auto Body! Our team can help you establish a schedule that will keep your car in top shape without costing you valuable time and money on repairs down the line. Give us a call today to schedule maintenance today!