Why Routine Maintenance Is So Important for a New Car

You probably won’t find a single mechanic on the planet who will tell you to disregard routine maintenance. So maybe you think that our insistence about keeping up with routine maintenance on a brand-new car is just the mechanics’ “party line.” But we know that keeping up with regular maintenance will benefit you up until the time you decide to part ways with your once-new car for another.

Routine Maintenance Keeps Your Car Running Like New

It’s called “maintenance” for a reason—the work done at regularly scheduled intervals, like:

  • Oil changes…
  • Belt changes…
  • Coolant flushes…
  • Brake inspections…

…all helps maintain your car’s performance. When you have a certified mechanic inspect and service these components when your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends (check your owner’s manual), you can continually enjoy:

  • Optimal fuel efficiency
  • Stop-on-a-dime brake performance
  • High-quality cabin air and responsive temperature control

Routine maintenance ensures your car is the reliable transportation you need every day.

Routine Maintenance Minimizes Repair Expenses

Some people avoid routine maintenance because it’s too expensive. But compared to the repairs it can help you avoid, it’s really not. Spending $60 on an oil change (which usually comes with a multiple-point inspection by a certified mechanic) every three months comes out to about $240/year. That’s nothing compared to just about any type of engine repair that you’ll need to keep your car going after carbon deposits have built up, valves and seals have degraded from the heat and/or metal components have been misshapen, broken or worn because of metal-on-metal friction.

Similarly, the cost to change your brake pads when you hear squealing is worth any price knowing it can spare you the cost of:

  • Collision repair (which is never cheap…cars are designed to absorb impact, so you almost always need to replace panels, bumpers, hood, auto glass, etc.)
  • Increased auto insurance premiums
  • Medical costs

But there really is no price you can put on knowing you could prevent injury or fatality for you, your passengers or anyone on the road.

Routine Maintenance Keeps Resale Value High

When you just get a new car, it may be difficult to imagine the day when you’ll be selling it or trading it in. Especially if you opt to sell as a private party, having routine maintenance records allows you to ask top dollar for your used car. Having these records also gives your potential buyer confidence in the reliability of the vehicle, making them more likely to buy from you.

You never have to wonder when you may be due for routine vehicle maintenance. Just call us. We can look up manufacturer recommended services/service intervals based on the year, make and model of your car. We’ll schedule you for service and give you a lift to home or work, too. That’s the Quanz difference!