Why Do Cars Develop Rust in A Dry Climate?

Rust is most often linked to cold, wet climates. Moisture is a major threat to vehicle bodies as it expediates the oxidation process. The road salt used to melt ice and snow is another factor. Salt clings to vehicles and causes corrosion if not washed off.

These factors are not a concern for drivers in Albuquerque, but that doesn’t mean your vehicle is impervious to rust. If the protective topcoat over your paint breaks down, rust can develop as a result of rain and other forms of moisture. Here are a few steps you can take to prevent rust from ruining your vehicle.

Wash Your Vehicle on a Regular Basis

Washing your car removes contaminants that accumulate during the day. These contaminants can degrade the topcoat, leaving the underlying paint and body more vulnerable to moisture. Your washing schedule should be dictated by how often you drive your vehicle and how dirty it typically gets on the road. Aim for a minimum of once per month, but feel free to increase washes when needed.

Make Sure It’s Completely Dry After Washing

In case you park your vehicle in a garage immediately after washing, excess moisture will take longer to evaporate. As it lingers, it can contribute to rust and corrosion, which will only get worse over time. After washing, use a clean towel to completely dry the vehicle. Be sure to get into the cracks and crevices where moisture is most likely to hide.

Use Car Wax as Needed to Preserve the Topcoat

Car wax adds another layer of protection to the topcoat, which receives a constant onslaught of sunshine. Waxing every three or four months is recommended but be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging for the best results. When waxing, be sure to apply it in an even layer all over the vehicle. You should wax after washing, otherwise dirt and debris will become stuck to your vehicle.

Rust calls for the assistance of a talented repair team, which is exactly what we offer at Quanz Auto Body. We perform fast and efficient body work to restore your vehicle and ensure it’s safe for driving. In the event your car or truck was damaged in an accident, we can also help you navigate any insurance issues.

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