Quanz Salutes Local Law Enforcement

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy designated May 15 as National Peace Officers Memorial Day—one day to remember and honor those who had given their lives in service to their communities. Since its founding, the event has grown. Now the entire week in which May 15th falls is celebrated as National Police Week.

Quanz Advanced Auto Body would like to take some time to tell our Albuquerque law enforcement: Thank you! We appreciate what you do!

It’s a Tough Job

Being a police officer is a tough job anywhere, but Albuquerque presents some particular challenges. Like most police forces, APD is tasked with everything from keeping order on the roads by enforcing speed limits and traffic signals to preventing unsafe drivers off the roads completely; from teaching kids to stay clean to busting organized crime rings responsible for bringing drugs into our neighborhoods.

APD’s job is even more difficult because of our location. At the intersection of two major interstates in the American Southwest, parts of Albuquerque are hubs of drug activity originating south of the border. Our officers put themselves in harm’s way to keep drugs (and all the unsavory elements that come with them) out of our city.

And, let’s be honest, even their traffic enforcement duties are more challenging given the reputation of Albuquerque drivers.

Somebody’s Gotta Do It

The men and women of the APD voluntarily put their lives on the line to make our city a safer place to live. They’re not drafted into service; they just heed the call of the community.

Sadly, these public servants are often met with disrespect.

Thank You, Men and Women in Blue!

We know that one day, one week isn’t sufficient to adequately express our gratitude for everything you do for the citizens of Albuquerque. But we hope that our THANK YOU! YOU ARE APPRECIATED! resounds for much longer, and you know how important you are to our community!

(And we hope to remember that even when your red and blues are flashing in our rearview mirrors after being clocked at 45 mph in a residential area!)