Santa’s List Day

It’s the holiday season, when letters are still written to Santa Claus every year by hopeful children who want that one special gift that will bring them joy on Christmas morning. This is a magical time when children everywhere are thinking about unwrapping presents under the Christmas tree. To keep with the tradition of writing to Santa, we wanted to write a wish list of our own!

What We’re Wishing For This Year

Since its National Santa’s List Day, we’ve put together a few of our most desired wishes for this Christmas season. This year, we’re wishing:

  • For happiness for our customers and their families
  • To spend time with our family and friends
  • For good cheer for the New Year
  • To have a positive attitude, no matter what happens
  • Safe conditions on our roads and freeways
  • An extra serving of apple pie after Christmas dinner

This list reflects what is most important to us: our family, friends and customers (and apple pie!). We wouldn’t be where we are today without your support!

Have a Happy Holiday Season!

From everyone at Quanz Advanced Auto Body, we hope you have a wonderful, safe holiday season full of happiness and celebration with your family and friends. Whether you’re wishing to spend more time with your family next year or to reach a fitness milestone, we want you to know that we support you. Happy Holidays!