Small Dent? Here’s Why We Don’t Recommend DIY Repair

You’re on the highway, and a rock flies up out ofnowhere. You come out of the shopping center to find a small ding in your doorfrom the car that had been parked next to you. Happens every day. No big deal,you’ll just repair it yourself, right?

Dent repair may seem easy enough, but what’s at stake—theintegrity of your car’s paint and underlying body panel—is too important to maybedo it right.

A Small Dent May Be More than a Small Problem

You may think a dent is just a dent, but often, thedamage is more serious than you might think. When a panel is dented, the coat(all layers) buckle. Sometimes, that buckling is more than the elasticity of theclear coat or sealant can handle, allowing air and moisture to directly reachthe paint. Over time, exposure to the elements leads to flaking, peeling andpossibly rust.

Even more serious the possibility that whatever causedthe dent actually caused damage to your vehicle’s alignment.

Why DIY Isn’t a Good Idea

If you attempt DIY dent repair, your vehicle never getsthoroughly inspected. So, if you do have underlying frame damage, you areunlikely to know until other signs of misalignment present, like uneven tirewear. All the while, your safety and that of your passengers is at risk becauseframe misalignment means that your vehicle will not provide the impactprotection it was designed to give.

Also, if you attempt DIY dent repair, there’s actually agood chance you will do it wrong, and that can lead to all kinds of problems:

  • Damage to surrounding areas
  • Mismatched paint
  • Coats not applied thick enough or too thick
  • Use of wrong products for your needs

As you may know from other DIY mishaps, it’s always moreexpensive to correct what was not done right the first time. So, spare yourselfthe hassle and unnecessary expense. Bring your car to Quanz Auto Carefor professional dent repair. Contact us today toschedule a free estimate.