Summer Heat and Rising Auto Theft

Thief in a mask hijacks the car

It’s a yearly truth that summer months see the highest rates of auto theft and accidents. People travel during the summer–children are on summer vacation, people want to enjoy the pleasant weather–and taking your car to a tourist state does put it at risk for theft. Take extra precautions to enjoy your summer driving without losing your car to a thief!

Be Mindful of Keys

Did you know that one of the most common contributing factors to car theft is leaving your keys in the car? Even if you’ve locked yourself out of your car by doing so, a thief isn’t going to worry about paying for a broken window. It’s an easy way for them to get a car away and to a buyer. Check to make sure you have your keys every time you get out of your car!

Conceal Valuables and Luggage

When you’re traveling, it’s convenient to have your laptop case in the backseat or to keep purses and carry-on bags readily available. Leaving those in your car when you stop for a drink or to gas up, however, is asking for trouble. Any luggage can be an advertisement to potential car thieves that you’re not from the area and it makes you an easy target. Put luggage in the trunk and conceal laptop cases or purses under car seats.

Enable Security Systems

A lot of cars on the road today are locked remotely with key fobs. These also set car alarms that are meant to deter thieves. Even if you’re stepping into a convenience store for a bag of chips, make sure to set your car alarm. A lot of car theft doesn’t take more than a few minutes; the car’s owner steps out of sight, returns and finds that the car has been taken. A car alarm can save you from stopping for ten minutes and coming back to discover your car is gone!

Remember to take precautions while traveling this summer and keep your car keys in your hand or your pocket!