Summer Vehicle Paint Tips to Prevent Fading

Summer is here,and in New Mexico, that means sun, sun, more sun, bugs, construction zones,trees and some severe thunderstorms thrown in for good measure. And all ofthese can damage your car’s paint.

At Quanz Auto Body, we will always take thebest care of your car. But we also think it’s even better when we don’t have todo any repairs at all. So, here are a few tips to help you protect your car’spaint this summer!

Cover Your Car

UV rays fromthe hot summer sun, hail, sap and leaves that trees drop—they can all do anumber on your car’s paint job.

The sun’s UVrays deteriorate the clear protective coating, and once that’s degraded, UVrays fade and crack the paint. Hail from a summer storm can cause dings, dentsand scratches that are unsightly and may compromise the integrity of the clearcoat, allowing further issues down the road. And sap, bird droppings, bugs andthe many other things that bombard your car while parked under a shady tree cancorrode paint layers.

Making sureyour car is covered as often as possible, preferably in a garage or carport, isone the #1 way to protect your car this summer.

Keep Your Car Clean (But Not Too Clean)

Bugs left onyour car after a road trip can start compromising the seal on your paint. Andthe resulting damage can spread. This is also true of road dust, mud, dirt andthe other travails of summer driving. So, spot wash it off as quickly aspossible (because over-washing your car can strip moisture from the clear coat,making it less resistant to heat and UV radiation).

Repair Chips Fast

Chips andscratches are inevitable. It could be road construction or a stray pebble fromthe car in front of you. You may even get stuck outside in a hail storm. Butwhen you see a chip, or scratch or dent, the best course of action is to repairit ASAP.

Your car’spaint job is made up of many layers bonded to each other and the body, thensealed. A chip or scratch can compromise that seal as well as the layersunderneath it, causing them to pull away from the others. When that happens,your paint starts to peel. And if you don’t take care of the peeling quickly,it will spread. The damaged area can also let in moisture and air, creating theperfect environment for rust.

If the scratchis small enough, you can use the small paint bottle that came with your car todo a touch-up. Make sure you use it out of direct sunlight and when it’s dry(heat, sun and moisture can all affect the color match and bubbling).

If the scratch or dent is more significant, you should bring it into Quanz for a repair. Our certified technicians will fix the problem and achieve an invisible blend so your car will look good as new!

Enjoy your summer and know that, should you need it, Quanz is here to take care of you and your car!