Protecting Your Paint Job from the Sun

As the sun’s rays intensify with the coming of summer, your skin isn’t the only thing that needs sun protection. Your car’s paint does, too. And we’ve all seen what happens when it’s left defenseless against the powerful New Mexico sunshine:

But dull spots and flaking paint aren’t inevitable if you properly protect your car’s paint.

Preventing Sun Damage

The best defense against UV radiation is regular washing and waxing. Ideally, you should wash and wax your car every three months. For best results:

  • Thoroughly rinse your car to remove debris (sand, leaves, bird droppings, etc.) that can scratch or stain your paint. (Do this periodically between car washes, too!)
  • Hand wash your car using a separate clean rag for washing, drying and waxing.
  • Wash your car using lukewarm water.
  • Wash your car in the shade and at cooler times of the day. Excessive heat means water evaporates too quickly, leaving your vehicle looking spotty. And, extreme changes in temperature of the car’s surface weakens paint bonding.
  • Use a paste vs. liquid wax for better protection. With waxes, you often get what you paid for—cheap waxes (brands you’ve never heard of) aren’t very effective in protecting your paint.
  • Use a wax that can be used on headlamps and taillights to protect against fading.

In case you were wondering, we use Meguiar’s wax for our detailing.

Repairing Sun Damage

Unfortunately, if you haven’t been diligent about protecting your car from the heat and UV radiation and you have “sun spots” on your car, there’s not a lot of options—you need a new paint job. It may be possible that the sun damage resulted from a poor paint job by the manufacturer and/or faulty paint job by an auto body repair shop. In those cases, your insurance or a warranty may cover the repaint work. In any case, you should look for an auto body shop that offers a lifetime warranty on the work.

If you need to repair sun damage on your car or you just don’t have the time for the washing and waxing your car needs for sun protection, bring your car to Quanz! Our auto body technicians are I-CAR Gold Class Certified!