Suspension Systems: Keeping Your Ride Smooth and Safe

Suspension System

Everyone knows that a car needs a functional engine and exhaust system to drive. They understand the purpose of lights for safety, but how many people know that a suspension system is one of the things that keeps your tires on the road and your ride smooth? Here’s what you should know about your suspension!

What It Does

The system that connects a vehicle to the wheels allows motion between the two, and it plays a dual purpose: keeping the wheels in connection to the road and contributing to handling and braking as well as keeping the vehicle itself relatively balanced and protecting the vehicle and whatever’s inside of it from damage.

Keeping the tires in contact with the road and reducing the amount of motion the interior of the car feels are two goals at odds with each other; this is why suspension systems have to be tuned very carefully. They also differ depending on two wheel or four wheel drive, and front and back tires often have different suspension systems.

Why You Need Maintenance

Constant usage puts wear and tear on every machine; a car is no different. When your suspension system begins showing wear, your drive may become extremely bumpy. This can cause damage to your vehicle as the suspension system is no longer absorbing the shock of rough roads or bumps. It can also cause your handling to become dangerously difficult.

If your car is drifting or pulling during turns, the car rides roughly when you’re driving or the nose actually dips forward when you brake, you need suspension maintenance. Neglecting this can increase stopping time by up to 20%, cause your vehicle to become unresponsive in emergencies and put you and your passengers in danger.

Try the bounce test—with your car in park, press down on the front with all of your weight, bounce it a few times and then release it before repeating on the rear of the vehicle—and if it rocks more than 2 -3 times, it’s a good sign that you need to bring it to Quanz Auto Body for suspension maintenance.