Tips on Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Teaching a teen driving lessons can be stressful for parents, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips courtesy of your friends at Quanz Auto Body.

Tips on Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Getting a license for the first time is very exciting for teens. However, as a parent of a new teen driver, you’re probably approaching the situation a lot more cautiously.

You want to rest assured that your child is safe and secure behind the wheel, which not only saves money on repairs and accident claims, it also prevents serious injuries from occurring. Here are some to the most important lessons you can teach your child before he or she heads out on the road.

Make Sure Your Teen Knows All Vehicle Controls

While driving a car may be second nature to you, your child is likely to be confounded by the many controls inside the vehicle. Before the first official driving lesson, take time to go over each control and what it does. Be sure to cover:

  • Turning signals
  • Windshield wipers
  • Dash warning lights
  • Emergency brake
  • Gear shifting

Even seemingly basic controls can be confusing if your child is under pressure while driving, so don’t skip over a lesson because you feel it’s too simplistic or your teen already knows what it is.

Start in an Empty Parking Lot or Other Safe Area

Having your child drive for the first time in an empty lot is best, both for your safety as well as your sanity. It can be nerve-wracking operating a vehicle on a street for the first time, so it’s best to let a new driver get acclimated in a safe space. Go over things like braking, turning, backing up, parallel parking, and other maneuvers. Once you feel your child is capable of performing these tasks, you can move on to the next step.

Drive on a Quiet Street With Plenty of Space

Understanding how to drive is one thing, but interacting with other motorists can be extremely challenging for first-time drivers. Get your teen acclimated by starting on streets with less traffic, where you can discuss the importance of keeping a safe distance from other vehicles, why driving distractions are so dangerous, and what to do if faced with a complicated intersection. As your child’s driving skills advance, you can move lessons to more populated streets.

 Talk About Emergency Situations

Even safe, conscientious drivers are involved in accidents, so make sure your child knows what to do if this occurs. After an accident, drivers must pull over in a safe place if possible, to wait for the police to arrive. All motorists involved should exchange information regarding insurance companies but should refrain from providing unnecessary information (which may be used to establish fault). If emergency medical care is required, make sure your child has access to a mobile device so that help can be summoned as soon as possible.

We’re Here for Teen Drivers & Their Parents

In the event your teen driver is involved in an accident, you’ll need a trusted body shop to help you restore your vehicle back to its former state. In Albuquerque, Quanz Auto Body provides a variety of services, including bumper repair, paintless dent repair, and collisions services. They also have strong working relationships with many different insurance carriers, so they’re equipped to handle negotiations on your behalf.

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