The Danger of Potholes

It’s time to talk about one of the most potentially damaging aspects of the road: potholes. With more and more potholes being found on our roads here in Albuquerque, the more potential there is for damage to be caused to cars and trucks. AAA estimates that drivers spend nearly $5 million every year repairing and replacing parts that were damaged because of a pothole.

What is a Pothole?

A pothole is more than just a way to ruin your day. Potholes are defects in the asphalt caused by water or shifting earth and rock under the roadway plus the pressure of vehicles on top of the road. These depressions in the roadway can be slight or deep enough to fit an entire wheel.

What Damage Can Be Caused By a Pothole?

Potholes have the potential, even if they are very small, to cause damage to your vehicle. Potential damage includes:

  • Tire damage
  • Tire wear damage
  • Wheel damage
  • Suspension damage
  • Alignment damage

The extend of the damage is dependent on the size of the pothole and at how fast and at what angle you were traveling when you hit it. Repairs can get more complicated, the harder you hit a pothole.

Bring Your Car to Quanz Auto Body

Pothole damage is no fun! If you need pothole damage to your vehicle repaired, bring it in to Quanz Auto Body. We have the experience, equipment and training necessary to repair any type of damage caused by a pothole. We will work directly with your insurance company to ensure all paperwork and filing is completed. You don’t even need an appointment to repair your car here, so stop in today!