The History of Halloween

Halloween is here! Time for carved pumpkins, spiced cider and scary stories. However, do you know how Halloween traditions began? Quanz Auto Body in Albuquerque, New Mexico discusses a brief history of this holiday in this week’s blog.


What is Halloween?

Halloween is traditionally known as a Celtic holiday with origins in Gaelic culture. Originally this holiday was known as Samhain and was marked at the end of the harvest season. During this time, the ancient pagans would stock up on supplies and prepare for the winter that was soon approaching.

At Quanz Auto Body, we also prepare for the change in seasons around this time of year. Our technicians help customers get their heating systems maintained and repaired, perform tune-ups and check tires (sometimes even changing all-season to winter tires), to make sure that you are safe during the change of temperature and weather.

Ways to Celebrate

It is important to remember that the origins of Halloween, though rooted in pagan traditions, takes its name from All Hallows Eve, which is the day before All Saints Day or All Hallow’s Day, known as a Catholic holy day to remember the dead, saints and those who have died for their faith. You may not want to go trick-or-treating or dress in ghoulish costume, but you can always give thanks and think of the memory of those who have passed on as a way to celebrate. You can also use this time to celebrate the changing of seasons and prepare for winter with baked goods and community events.

Happy Holidays from Quanz Auto Body

As October turns to November, Quanz Auto Body in Albuquerque, New Mexico would like to wish you a happy harvest. We are dedicated to helping our community stay safe in their vehicles by providing seasonal checkups and other mechanical services so your vehicle is running smoothly as the crisp fall air turns colder for winter. You never need an appointment with us, just come on by. We make it better.