Those Squeaky Brakes

You’re enjoying a relaxing car ride while listening to Beethoven’s 9th. All of a sudden, a cringe-worthy high-pitched squeal interrupts your personal time as you roll up to a stoplight. You look around, incredulous that something could make such a noise. And then you realize the sound was coming from your very own car. The sound of squeaky brakes can leave anyone cringing, especially if it’s your car that’s making the noise. So, what is the squeaky sound caused by and how can you fix them?

What Causes the Noise

Any number of problems could cause the noise that you’re hearing. More common reasons for squeaky brakes include:

  • Humidity
  • Dirt, sand and dust buildup (including brake dust)
  • Severe braking
  • Something rubbing against the metal rotors
  • Wearing brake pads or rotors

Your brakes might even make that noise when there is nothing wrong with them. The noise that you’re hearing is created when any of the above reasons are causing the metal rotor to vibrate between the brake pads or when the brake pads are worn and are grinding against the rotors. So, what do you do when the sound just won’t go away?

How to Fix the Squeak

Luckily, there are numerous ways to stop the incessant squeaking and give you the ability to drive in peace. You can fix the squeak by:

  • Lubing the back of the brake pad
  • Sanding the surface or build-up on the brake pad or shoe
  • Getting another brake pad

Or, you could make it easy on yourself and let a mechanic figure out how to fix your brakes. The ASE-certified mechanics at Quanz Advanced Auto Body will diagnose and treat the source of the squeak. Bring your car in anytime, no appointment necessary, to have an experienced professional give the squeaky wheel some grease, so to speak.