Summer Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

If you have a teen driver in the family, you know how crucial safety and security is. This is especially true over the summer months, when young drivers are likely to spend more time on the road. More time spent driving equals a greater risk of accidents, especially when a motorist is inexperienced.

While it may be tempting to insist your child remains in doors for the season, this simply isn’t feasible. Instead, introduce your teen to these safe driving tips to ensure a fun – and safe – experience is had by all.

Keep Passengers to a Minimum

There are many types of driving distractions, from texting behind the wheel to eating while driving. Talking with others is a type of cognitive driving distraction, which can be extremely hazardous for young drivers. Reduce the likelihood of a loud and boisterous car trip by limiting your teen driver to only one passenger at a time.

Practice Driving in Inclement Weather

Driving during a sudden thunderstorm, which is a more likely occurrence during the summer months, can be a stressful experience for just about anyone. For teens, it can be a cause for panic, particularly when visibility is low. While driving should be restricted when weather is bad, take your teen out for a spin around the block the next time it rains. Explain the proper practices, such as turning on your lights and slowing down to a more reasonable speed, even if that means going under the speed limit.

Restrict Use of Mobile Devices Behind the Wheel

Making sure young drivers don’t use mobile devices behind the wheel is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are a ton of apps that restrict usage and monitor driving behaviors. Some apps are triggered on after reaching a certain MPH to prevent mobile device access, while others track speed and device usage, so you’re aware of exactly what’s going on while your child’s away. Along with apps, have a frank discussion about the dangers of distracted driving, including possible legal penalties.

Even with the above safety tips, your teen may wind up in a collision. And even minor collisions can cause body damage, which is where Quanz Auto Body comes in. We’ll assess your teen’s vehicle to ensure all damage is remedied, so you can rest assured of a safe experience when he or she is back on the road. Customers in the Foothills section of Albuquerque can call 505-294-3500 to schedule service today.