Tips for Protecting your Car this Winter

Quanz Auto Body has a few tips for you to keep in mind when preparing to drive your vehicle this winter. We know that regular, routine maintenance can help improve your gas mileage, reduce emissions and catch minor problems before they become large, expensive problems. These tips should give you better peace of mind this winter, including:


  • Read your Owner’s Manual. Before you decide to do any repairs or upgrades on your vehicle, it is wise to check your owner’s manual and the manufacturer’s recommended service schedules.
  • Maintain the Engine. Check your engine performance and other driving problems by bringing your vehicle by our Westside location. If you notice hard starts, rough idling, stalling, diminished power and more, our ASE-certified technicians can correct it so cold weather won’t make it worse.
  • Stop Moisture out of your Tank. We recommend adding a bottle of fuel deicer to your gas tank once a month to keep moisture from freezing in the fuel line. By keeping your gas tank filled, you will also prevent moisture from even forming.
  • Replace your Filters. Quanz Auto Body can replace all of your dirty filters such as air, fuel and PCV. By keeping these maintained, you are protecting your engine and helping it run efficiently without burning too much gasoline in the winter months.
  • Change your Oil. Oil changes are one of the most frequently neglected services, but with regular maintenance and changes, your engine will run better and you will save on other futures mechanical problems.
  • Check your Exhaust. In the winter, there is more potential for deadly exhaust fumes to enter your vehicle. The experts at Quanz Auto Body can check for leaks and problems and inspect the trunk and floorboards for small holes so you and your family and pets stay safe while using your heater.
  • Check your Tread. Worn tires and low tread such as uneven wearing and cupping can be extremely dangerous in winter weather. Check the tire pressure (including on your spare) once a month and rotate them as recommended. Under-inflated or poorly aligned wheels can make your engine work harder, causing excess use of gas.
  • Carry an Emergency Kit. In last week’s blog, we talked about the best things to have in your vehicle this winter. Make sure you have kitty litter, boots, blankets, road flares, tire chains, flashlights, extra batteries, snacks and water.


Quanz Auto Body on the Westside can provide your vehicle with tune-ups and help winterize your car so you aren’t wasting gas and are able to stay safe while making your daily commute or holiday road trip. Visit us today with no appointment necessary!