Transmission Service vs. Transmission Flush

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Transmission fluid is necessary for smooth gear shifting. To keep your transmission healthy, Quanz Auto Care performs manufacturer-scheduled transmission service rather than transmission flushes.

What is the Difference between a Transmission Service and a Flush?

A transmission service includes:

  • Changing transmission fluid
  • Changing transmission fluid filter

During this service, most of the old transmission fluid is drained and replaced with new fluid.

A transmission flush entails forcing all old transmission fluid out of the system with new fluid. This service does not include a filter change.

Why We Do Transmission Service

Transmission service is what nearly all vehicle manufacturers recommend for routine transmission maintenance. Gently draining and replacing the majority of the fluid ensures good quality lubrication for the transmission. Replacing the filter prevents debris from building up in the fluid and compromising transmission performance.

The forceful removal of transmission fluid during a flush can potentially harm the system. Moreover, there is no filter change, so old debris is still in the system, and nothing is removing new debris from the fluid.

Convenient Transmission Service

If you think your car needs a transmission flush, bring it to Quanz Auto Care for transmission service. We perform the maintenance the keeps your transmission and transmission in optimal condition. Our ASE-certified master technicians will inspect for any transmission fluid leaks as well.

If you do not know your car’s recommended service interval, contact us. We can look up when your make/model needs a transmission service. You can also contact us to schedule transmission service at our Westside Albuquerque, NM location. Service usually takes two to four hours. Please let us know if you need free shuttle service to your home or work.

Call Quanz Auto Care for manufacturer-recommended transmission service. Westside: 505-897-1949 • Eastside: 505-897-1950 • Rio Rancho: 505-897-1955

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