Troubleshooting Guide: Could your Alternator be the Problem?

quanzAre you having issues with your car starting or running? Perhaps you have dimmed headlights or some flickering gauges. You might even notice a loud sound coming from under the hood that does not sound like the engine. Whatever the issues is with your vehicle, Quanz Auto Body in Albuquerque has expert technicians that can properly diagnose and repair your car no matter the make or model.


If one of the above descriptions matches some issues with your car, the problem may actually be your alternator. Alternator problems can cause slow starts and even a dead vehicle.

Signs to Look for

There are certain things you can look for when trying to troubleshoot problems with your vehicle. Certain signs can indicate the alternator is the culprit, such as:

  • Warning Lights. If you notice a light shaped like a battery on your dashboard, you may think right away that it is an issue with your battery. However, this could actually be signaling a problem with your alternator and how much power it is putting out.
  • Dimming Lights. If you notice your headlights and dash lights are dimming or become extremely bright, this could signal an issue with your alternator. Other accessories such as the power windows or heated seats can also slow down signaling an issue with the power output of your alternator.
  • Car Keeps Dying. If your vehicle won’t start and you jump-start the battery, you may think it is a battery issue. However, if you remove the cables quickly after jump-starting it and the vehicle soon dies again, then the alternator is the culprit.
  • Broken, Loose Connections. If you don’t notice any visible signs, but you have a dead car battery, there is probably an issue with the vehicle’s electrical equipment. The alternator may be producing too much energy or not enough.


If you suspect there is a problem with your alternator and you need it diagnosed by a professional, bring it by our Westside location. Quanz Auto Body has professional technicians with advanced equipment to diagnose your vehicle’s issues. We can check your alternator, connections and battery for issues and make repairs as needed.


With Quanz, you never need an appointment and can bring your vehicle in for an immediate assessment anytime. Contact us today to learn more about our expert mechanical issues.