Underglow LED Lights: Facts and Myths

The possibilities for customizing your ride are nearly endless. While countless aftermarket products exist to change or enhance your vehicle’s appearance, not all customization options enjoy the same legality in all states. That leads many who would like to add the eye-catching appeal of neon underglow lights to their car to ask: Is that legal in New Mexico?

The short answer: Yes, but…

Neon Underglow Lights Are Legal…

New Mexico vehicle code does not expressly ban or restrict neon underglow lights, so they’re legal.


There are some limitations. Vehicle codes does prohibit:

  • Red lights visible from the front of the car (head-on)

A note of caution: Although red underglow lights are technically legal if they can only be seen from the side or rear, they could potentially be confused with brake lights and/or turn signals. Confusing other drivers never enhances safety or traffic efficiency, so we don’t recommend them at all.

  • Flashing lights

While not expressly prohibited, blue lights are typically discouraged because of their use on emergency vehicles. That makes the best choices for neon underglow lights violet, green, orange and yellow.

So, Do You Want Underglow Lights?

While the absence of code prohibiting neon underglow LED lighting on your car gives you the proverbial green light to “pimp your ride,” you should also consider:

  • Any attention-grabbing enhancements increase the risk of your car being targeted for theft
  • If your car theft risk increases, your car insurance premium is likely to increase, too
  • Attention-getting enhancements are often associated with driver stereotypes that invite police monitoring

In the end, your ride is your ride. If you want your car to drive on a bed of light, so be it. The body shop professionals at Quanz Auto Body can help you with the installation.