Waterborne Paint: What it is and What it Ain’t!

Car maintenance has become more specialized than ever, right down to the paint. Deciding what paint to use at our shop seems simple, but actually, with new options out there, we had to decide whether to stick with traditional paints or use new, waterborne paints.

These days, fewer and fewer new vehicles are being rolled off the assembly line with solvent-based finishes. With waterborne paints, the coat is the actual color of the vehicle and the clear coat covers it for protection. The preference for waterborne paints is mostly environmental, but there is also an aesthetic component. The main advantages to using waterborne paint include:

  • Releases less VOCs into the atmosphere
  • Produces less toxic waste
  • Better color match than solvent-based paint
  • Excellent coverage requires less paint
  • Faster drying time saves on labor costs

There’s a movement to increase the use of waterborne car paints in the United States. Waterborne paints releases less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere; these compounds are dangerous to human health. Not every car shop has the facility to use waterborne paints, but at Quanz, we’ve been using waterborne paints for years!

We’re at the leading edge of paint technology, utilizing ONYX HD, a waterborne paint that that offers multi-dimensional shine with an environmental-friendly edge. We’re proud to use paints that are safer for the environment, our workers and the surrounding community.

Besides the environmental factor, drivers are turning away from the flat, one-dimensional colors solvent-based paints offer and moving toward the pearls and metallics created by waterborne paints. For those with older model cars, Onyx also has great color matching capabilities for flat colors, along with pearls and metallics.

Waterborne paints are less expensive than solvent-based paints, and less is needed to cover the same surface area. It also dries a lot faster than traditional car paint! So not only do you get the finish you want, we also have an easier time of making it smooth, shiny and durable with waterborne paints.

Whether you need auto body collision repair, a touch-up on peeling paint or rust repair, you can always depend on Quanz Advanced Auto Body in Albuquerque to have the latest in automotive technology, right down to the paint.