We Are Thankful

If at no other time of year, late November provides an ideal opportunity for us to reflect on the things we are thankful for. And, when we look at our lists, we find that it seems it’s the simple pleasures and modest comforts that mean the most.

When we asked around the shop, here’s what the Quanz extended family said they were thankful for:

Friends and family

We know that our lives are not just enriched, but sometimes just made possible by the support our loved ones provide. Although we’d like to believe that we’re Superman or Superwoman, we know that it’s nearly impossible for us to tackle our daily to-do lists and take care of ourselves and still be sane without a little help. And the fact that Mom, Dad, our spouse and the quirky guy we met in sixth grade stick around when we’ve shown them our worst really shows us how blessed we are to have these special people in our lives.


For as much as we dread the early wake up calls and whatever falls in between normal business hours, we know we are blessed not only to have a steady paycheck but to earn it doing what we love. We admit, eight hours of oil changes and brake pad installations isn’t the most exciting day at the “office.” But even on those days, we’re still working with great people in a great environment. And our work means something to the people we do it for—you, and that keeps us doing our best.


What did you expect from a bunch of motorheads? Of course we’re thankful for transportation—it’s what we love and why we have work! We are thankful that we have cars to get from place to place; we are thankful that we can restore and maintain cars’ drivability; and we are thankful that you have a car that occasionally needs fixing so we have the opportunity to help.


It’s difficult to enjoy life when you are in pain or just feel “blah” all the time. We’re blessed not to have to face that. We can even be thankful for the occasional cold because it reminds us just how good we feel when we’re completely well.


Pets are just furry members of the family who talk less. They show and teach us how to love unconditionally and forgive and let bygones be bygones (well, at least our dogs do).


Dorothy was right: There’s no place like home. Whether we’re renting or chipping away at a mortgage, we have a place to call our own, a haven from our hectic social and work schedules. And we do our best to remember how grateful we are for our castles, even when the stucco needs repair or the swamp cooler’s water pump goes out in mid-August.

It’s funny—when we look at our list how many of these things we complain about on a daily basis. It’s a good thing we have a built-in attitude adjustment at least once a year.

Happy Thanksgiving!