What is a Tune-up?

Just like the “every 3,000 miles” oil change schedule, the tune-up is an automotive “fact” of yesteryear, although most people have yet to recognize that times are changing. The “tune-up” used to involve the periodic tuning or synchronizing of the various components of the engine system. Timing was essential for maximum performance (and fuel economy) in the older carburetor systems. Today, however, newer technologies make your car’s “tuning” computer controlled and, thus, virtually maintenance free.

Today’s “tune-up” refers to regularly scheduled maintenance on several different systems in your car to ensure fuel efficiency and performance and to avoid costly repairs.

Services Performed During a Tune-Up

When you need a tune-up and what your tune-up involves is all determined by your manufacturer’s recommendations…all conveniently located in your owner’s manual. Most often, cars require scheduled maintenance around 30,000, 55,000 85,000 mile markers. During these milestone “tune-ups,” your mechanic may:

  • Replace your air filter.
  • Replace your fuel filter.
  • Change the spark plugs.
  • Adjust your valves.
  • Check (and replace) your belts.
  • Check (and replace) your fluids.
  • Service the battery in your car.

Many of the maintenance services done during a “tune-up” are designed to remove “gunk” that limits your car’s performance. Other services check the level of wear and tear on parts, hopefully identifying components that need replacement before drivability is impaired. Many of the services are helpful in finding other issues that may otherwise go unnoticed until your car won’t start.

If you don’t know when or what kind of regularly scheduled maintenance your car needs, call us. We can look up your manufacturer’s recommendations for you

Call Quanz Advanced Auto Body for a Tune-Up

If you don’t know the last time your car saw a mechanic or if it’s been about 30,000 miles since the last time it did, chances are good, it might be time for your next “tune-up.” Call Quanz to schedule your maintenance appointment. We’ll help you avoid costly repairs later on by servicing your car today!