What’s Most Likely to Damage Your Car?

Drivers worry about collisions involving other vehicles and people. But those are actually less than half of the incidents reported to insurance companies. You’re more likely to incur damage to your car through backing up in a parking garage than by driving down a busy road. People are more likely to be careful when surrounded by fellow drivers; it’s backing up and driving during inclement weather that are more hazardous to your car’s safety.

The Most Common Collisions

It’s highly unlikely that most drivers will be involved in high speed impacts, although injuries can occur regardless of how fast the vehicles involved are actually moving. Low speed impact collisions are the most common, and usually involve backing into a parked car or bumping into an object. Being aware of your surroundings and cautious with your speed can help reduce these incidents from occurring.

Frontal impact accidents are more likely to occur than rear impact. Every collision involves someone being unable to move or react in time, but frontal impact is often the fault of the driver of the vehicle. This can damage your bumper, frame and engine if the force is great enough.

Rear impact collisions damage bumpers, lights, the trunk of the car and possibly the frame if enough force is involved. Many of these collisions involve another car, but are not necessarily high speed or do structural damage to the vehicle. Regardless of whether you’ve been involved in a low speed impact, a head-on collision or simply backed up into a wall, your car’s integrity has been damaged.

Drivers Are Most Likely to Damage Their Own Cars

A car won’t damage itself sitting in the parking lot; it’s drivers who cause accidents. Often this means bumping into someone else’s car, a wall, a curb or another stationary object. When that happens, you need repair. Leaving even a small dent unattended can lead to rust eating away your car’s paneling. It can threaten the integrity of your car’s body and cause structural damage.

Even small dents from low speed impact collisions need to be repaired. Don’t let a small amount of damage turn into a costly job. Just bring your car to Quanz Auto Body and we’ll handle the result of any collision.