Wheel Alignment & Axle Repair

With normal wear and tear, your car will eventually need front wheel alignment, rear wheel alignment or all-wheel alignment at some point. Properly aligned tires are an important part of your vehicle’s steering system; so, when you notice problems with your car’s alignment, contact Quanz Advanced Auto Body.

Troubleshooting Wheel Alignment Problems

A simple way to tell if your wheels are out of alignment is to pay attention to how your vehicle steers; be on the lookout for the following signs of your vehicle being out of alignment:

  • Your car drifts to the right or left when you are trying to drive straight
  • Your steering wheel is not straight when you are driving straight
  • You have difficulty keeping your car going straight
  • You notice uneven or rapid tire wear

If you start to notice any of these handling problems with your car, stop by Quanz Advanced Auto Body to properly diagnose the problem and get it fixed right!

Using the Latest Technology…

At Quanz Advanced Auto Body, we utilize the latest computerized alignment system by Hunter Engineering Company—the best in the business! This system uses multi-dimensional modeling to give us the most accurate alignment measurements for your vehicle.

…to Provide you with Quality Repairs

By properly aligning your tires, we can not only make your vehicle more road-worthy, but maximize your tire life. If you also need axle repair, we are able to handle that, too. Axles are responsible for keeping the wheels in alignment and can be combined with your car’s transmission which can make repairs more complicated.

Whether you need front wheel alignment, rear wheel alignment or all wheel alignment, our ASE certified technicians can get your vehicle back in tip-top shape with our sophisticated alignment test. Stop by today to speak with a friendly auto technician who will be happy to answer all of your auto repair questions!

Call (505) 897-1949 for quality wheel alignment & axle repair you can trust!