When Should You Have Your Brakes Changed?

GettyImages-476224223Your car’s brake system enables you to slow and stop your vehicle. As with any complex mechanical system, maintenance and occasional replacement is needed. If you neglect them, your brakes may not work when you need them most.

What Is a Brake Change?

Brake systems consist of several components including calipers, rotors or discs, brake pads, brake lines and various types of hardware to connect the parts together. A brake change refers to the replacement of the braking system and its parts when it becomes damaged, worn or ineffective.

Minor repairs can also be made to a brake system without the need for a complete overhaul. For example, brake pads are replaced periodically when they become worn or uneven. Generally speaking, you should have your brakes examined by a mechanic every 35,000 miles or any time that you notice problems with brake performance.

How Do You Know When It’s Time for a Brake Change?

Besides complete brake failure, there are signs that indicate a need to have your brakes serviced. These may or may not indicate the need for a complete brake change.

  • Poor or inconsistent brake response
  • High-pitched squealing, squeaking or metallic grinding noises when you brake
  • Brake fluid leaks
  • Brake pedal vibration, pulsation or sinking sensations
  • Pulling to one side of the road when braking

If you’re noticing any of these problems, or if you’d just like to check on the overall health of your brakes, bring your vehicle to Quanz Auto Body. We’ll be happy to take a look and arrange for repairs or brake replacement if necessary.