When to Replace your Car Battery

Our expert technicians recommend you change a battery that is over 5 years old, regardless of its expected lifetime because, on average, a battery will last for only 4. After that, it’s just a matter of how lucky you are. You should consider changing your car’s battery when:

  • Your car won’t start. If you perform regular maintenance, we can catch a failing battery before this happens. Keep in mind that there are other reasons why your car might not start, including a weak alternator. An experienced mechanic can diagnose this problem.
  • Your battery is older than 4 years. This is especially true if your driving habits indicate your battery might be draining quickly. Short, frequent trips put a greater strain on the battery than longer ones. Look at your driving history to determine whether or not you fall into this category.
  • It smells like sulfur. The sulfur smell indicates that the battery is overheating. That usually means the battery is working too hard and might be low on power.
  • There is corrosion or buildup. If the corrosion or buildup around the terminal is minimal, you might be able to remove it with soda and water. If the corrosion is deep, you might have to replace your battery.

Sometimes, corrosion on your battery can eat through the metal on the terminals and create a low power flow through the cable to your car. You can usually see the corrosion by lifting the hood of your car and looking. However, some manufacturers put covers on the engine and battery so it’s more difficult to determine if your battery is corroding. A mechanic can remove the cover safely to inspect the battery to look for corrosion.

Let a Mechanic Look at your Battery

The real test for battery life can be done by getting a power reading. Our technicians can test your battery to detect its power output to determine whether or not it should be replaced. We can also look for corrosion and buildup to determine if your car isn’t starting because of a dead battery or because of another problem. Bring your car into Quanz Advanced Auto Body today.