Albuquerque Vehicle Repair Shop Driven by a Better Purpose

Many local vehicle repair shops in Albuquerque, NM are opened because someone had a dream of making a living doing what they loved—fixing cars. At Quanz Auto Body, we love cars too, but we are driven by a better purpose: to “make it better” for our customers, our team members and our community.

We Are A Value-Centered Vehicle Repair Shop

The business of Quanz Auto Body is driven by a better purpose, and that purpose is informed by our core values. “Making it better” is what we need to do to live our values:

Trustworthy Caring Hardworking
Growing Generous Grateful

We Are A People-Focused Vehicle Repair Shop

As our former manager said, “We are in the people business; we just happen to fix cars.” Unlike other vehicle repair shops that focus just on the numbers—the number of cars they service, their bottom line—Quanz Auto Body’s first priority is serving our team members. More than 80 team members and their families depend on us to make a living. Our ability to support them depends on our ability to successfully provide better collision repair,  and a better customer experience.

We believe that when we do the work to make our team members happy, they do the work to make you happy. Of course, in the process, your car gets fixed, too.

We Are A Future-Focused Vehicle Repair Shop

At Quanz Auto Body, we do not make life better in the present at the expense of the future. We are aware of the impact our work has on the environment and the community, so we take steps to minimize our footprint and give back to our community. Learn more about our better environmental stewardship.

We Are The Vehicle Repair Shop You Can Count On

Quanz Auto Body welcomes the opportunity to serve you. Let us make it better for you. Contact us to schedule a collision auto repair estimate.

Quanz Auto Body is a vehicle repair shop driven by our mission to make it better for you!
Call us for high-quality repairs and unmatched customer service.
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Making Car Repairs Better.

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