Why You Should Always Choose OEM Parts for Collision Repair

When you’ve been in an accident and your car needscollision repair, you want to know that your car is once again safe to drive.At Quanz Auto Body, we truly careabout our customers, and we want to ensure that you do get your car back in the best condition possible so you know youcan drive it safely for years to come.

One of the best ways to do that is to always choose OEMparts for collision repair.

What are OEM Parts?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM partsare made bythe car manufacturer, nota third party. In other words, OEM parts are made specifically for your vehiclemake and model.

The alternative to OEM parts are aftermarketparts—components manufactured by a third party. Aftermarket parts may be ofcomparable quality and fit…then again, they may not. Sometimes (and it’s notalways easy to know when), aftermarket parts are not made to manufacturerspecifications or properly fit a specific make and/or model. Becauseaftermarket parts are often designed to fit multiple makes and models, they aregenerally produced at high volume, and thus, they are usually cheaper.

Why You Should Always Choose OEM Parts for Collision Repair

Although aftermarket parts may reduce the cost ofcollision repair, the certified auto body technicians at Quanz Auto Bodyrecommend choosing OEM parts for collision repair. Like we said earlier, OEMparts are made by your car’s maker—they fit yourcar. Period. And the right fit is crucial to ensuring the integrity and safetyof your vehicle after an accident.

Plus, OEM parts give you greater assurance of quality andtypically come backed by a more extensive warranty than aftermarket parts. Andin some cases, the use of aftermarket parts may decrease the resale value ofyour car.

Quanz Cares  

Unfortunately, some insurance companies try to reduce thecost of repairs they’re covering for you by approving estimates withaftermarket parts. At Quanz, we use OEM parts in our collision repair estimatesto avoid cost comparisons that could jeopardize the quality of your repairs.But, if your insurance carrier insists on aftermarket parts, we will alert youso that you can contact your insurance provider and request approval for OEMparts. We are always happy to assist with your claims processing, so we’llprovide the documentation and communicate directly with your insurance carrieras needed.

Your safety is our priority. For collision repairs youcan feel good about, contact us and find out for yourself what award-winningcollision repair really is.