Why You Should Only Trust ASE- and I-CAR Certified Technicians

There are dozens of automotive andauto body shops in the greater Albuquerque area. It’s understandable if you’reconfused about which garages you can really trust. There is one way to quicklynarrow your choices—only consider shops with technicians that have the rightcredentials—ASE-certified technicians for automotive maintenance repair, I-CARcertification for collision repair.

These certifications ensure thatthe people working on your car really have the right knowledge and skills.

There Is No Required Certification in the Automotive Industry

There are few service providerselections that make people feel as nervous as choosing an automotive or autobody repair shop. Sadly, that’s because there is such a disparity between thequality of work offered by shops. Some garages provide quality repairs andfantastic customer service to boot; others, though, leave you with moreproblems than you came in with.

How can work between differentshops vary so greatly? Because there is no professional standard. In NewMexico, auto mechanics and auto body technicians are not required to possessany minimum level of education, training or certification. So, one garage mayhire a high school grad who says he got an A in auto shop; another may simplyhire some childhood buddy that helped rebuild an engine one time. Still, othershops may insist that their techs provide proof that they know how totroubleshoot, service and repair various makes, models and model years and usesophisticated diagnostic and repair equipment.

Obviously, you want to go to ashop that holds their team to a higher standard.

What Professional Certification Shows

Although automotive and auto bodycertification is not required, there are industry organizations that have setstandards for working professionals. Two of the best known are:

  • ASE (AutomotiveService Excellence)
  • I-CAR (Inter-IndustryConference on Auto Collision Repair)

These organizations have created agraduated system of courses and certifications to test and measure theknowledge and skills of technicians in the field.

In order to acquire certification,a technician must pay to take the certification test and achieve a minimumscore. Because certification is a voluntary investment of time and money, youcan be sure of two things:

  • The individualtechnician has the skills required to provide sound mechanical or auto bodyrepairs
  • The technician and theshop employing them care about the quality of the service they provide.

And, each certification systemrequires routine re-testing to maintain certification. So, no technician canpass once and then forever say they have the right skills. They must staycurrent on changes in the industry and technology to maintain theircredentials.

Quanz Cares about Quality

Even knowing you should only trustASE- or I-CAR certified technicians, there’s still a lot of auto repair shopsin Albuquerque. Quanz Auto Body  makes the choice easy.

In addition to professionalcertification of our automotive and auto body technicians, we offer a superiorlevel of service that includes:

  • Insurance claimsassistance
  • On-site car rental
  • Free shuttle service
  • While-you-waitconveniences, like free beverages and wi-fi

We are dedicated to making yourcar and your car repair experience better. Contactus to schedule your routine automotive maintenanceservice or to coordinate an estimate for auto body repair.