Winter Car Warm-Up Must-Haves

As the weather gets colder, so does your car every night, making for some very chilly mornings. Sometimes, your car needs more than ignition to be safely (and comfortably) drivable. Check out these must-haves for easy morning defrosts.


Many windshield fluids have winter deicing formulas, but you have to be in your car to use them. Did you know there are also sprays?

Deicer sprays make it easy to remove heavy frost and ice from your car windows. Simply soak the frozen precipitation and then remove with a scraper. This method takes way less time than the old “elbow grease” method so your digits don’t get frostbitten.

Remote car starter

You can nearly let your car do all the work of defrosting itself if you can let it idle with the defroster on. However, many newer cars do not allow you to start your car and then lock your keys inside…and if you don’t lock your car, there’s almost assuredly an opportunist waiting to drive off in your ride (this is Albuquerque, after all). But, you can start your locked car without ever leaving the comfort of your cozy home with a remote starter.

For best results, remember to leave your defrost on when you get out of your car at night so it’s on in the morning.

Only use a remote starter if your car is parked outside or you open your garage door to prevent carbon monoxide buildup that can endanger you and your family.

If your car does not have a remote start, bring it to Quanz Auto Body. We can install your choice of after-market started to make your winter mornings easier.