4-Item Winter Readiness Checklist

Winter is nearly here, so NOW is the time to get your car ready for winter weather conditions. We’ve created a brief checklist of the most important aspects of routine car maintenance that need to be tended to for optimal driving performance and comfort.


Cold weather can affect battery performance, making it difficult to get your car started on icy mornings. And, a below freezing wind chill factor is not the ideal condition to get a jump.

However, you do not have to replace your battery early just in case. Bring your car to Quanz Auto Body where we can test the charge. We will let you know if your battery has enough “juice” to get you through the winter or if you will be better served by getting a new one.


You should never let the coolant level get too low in your engine, and that’s just as true in the winter. While your engine may be less likely to overheat because ambient temperatures are so low, letting coolant—which also works as antifreeze—get too low means your engine lines could freeze up, leaving you stranded.

If you do not know how to check your own antifreeze levels or you have no idea when the system was last flushed, bring your car to Quanz. Our techs are happy to give you a quick tutorial so that you can keep your eye on important fluid levels. We can also assess if your system needs to be flushed to remove contaminated coolant.

Windshield wiper fluid

Winter road conditions are often slushy, and other vehicles spin that mucky wet stuff onto your windshield. If you don’t have enough windshield wiper fluid, or you have fluid not rated for winter temperatures, then you may as well be driving blind. Make sure you have enough fluid that will not frost or freeze in the well to effectively clean your windshield.

Exterior Lights

Shorter days mean you need your headlights for more hours of the day. But if you really want your vehicle to be visible to oncoming traffic, your headlights need to emit sufficient light. Condensation and mineral buildup inside the lamp dulls your lights. Snow and other debris outside masks it. Make sure your headlamps are clean inside and out. Quanz Auto Body can help by providing affordable headlight buffing (which also takes years off your vehicle’s appearance).

If you have more winter checklist items you think we should add, post them on our Facebook page. Drive safely this season, ABQ!