Winter Driving Crash Course

Fotolia_122230692_Subscription_Monthly_MLate winter can often be one of the most dangerous times for driving, even in the desert. Cold fronts over moderate temperatures often lead to sleet and freezing rain, making road treacherous in a hurry.

To increase your chances of getting to your destination safely, follow these winter driving tips:

  1. Be aware of road conditions and listen to credible news sources for reports that may warn you of accidents, road closures and other wintertime driving hazards.
  2. Turn on your lights, even if it is still daylight. Any type of precipitation and blowing snow decrease visibility. Remember, it’s not always about how well you can see but how well others can see you.
  3. Slow down. High speeds increase the chances for hydroplaning and loss of steering control.
  4. Allow more distance between you and the car in front of you. When roads are slick, you lose traction, so your car requires more distance before making a complete stop.
  5. Steer into a slide. If your wheels lose traction, turn the wheel in the same direction as the slide. This will keep your car in the right direction when traction is reestablished. If you yank the wheel in the opposite direction, you send your vehicle spinning into a circle.

If at all possible, avoid driving if road conditions are poor. While Quanz Auto Body may be able to restore your car to pre-accident condition, that’s not always true for drivers and passengers. Stay safe out there, Albuquerque!